About Us

Wildwind British Labradors specializes in the breeding of fine, Genetically clean, and sound Labradors Retrievers of British and Irish influence for the selective owner. Our Labradors, whether they are puppies, started or finished retrievers are best categorized in character, temperament and ability of a properly bred Gundog.

We believe that for a Labrador to be considered a properly bred gundog, by English standards must reflect certain desirable qualities. These desirable traits of which have undergone years of continuous improvement that remain as the core values of Wildwind British Labradors breeding program.

Here at Wildwind British Labradors, our sole purpose, focus, and attention, is to breeding and socializing fine genetically clean and sound british pups. We work closely with a few excellent training Kennels within our area. We do offer puppy training courses to all new puppy owners, and occasionally, do have started, and finished dogs available.
To learn more about our training offer, please contact us. (402) 429-1836